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Positive Intake

We all want to look and feel healthy, however, how many of us do things to get there? Most do not even know how to get that healthy feeling and look. We are here to help you focus on a healthier lifestyle, both externally and internally because our outside appearance matters as much as our mind.

Remember Law of Attraction, what you say about yourself, what you put inside yourself reflects on the outside, that can be in a food context and it can be in a verbal way too.

Healthy Lifestyle

This winter remember to drink plenty of water, we are in doors more, using the heater and air conditioners to stay warm, some are drinking a lot of coffee to stay alert as outside gets darker for longer. All this causes the body to get dehydrated, which affects the brain and the entire body's organ.The Eatwell Guide says we should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day. Drinking six glasses of water a day helps our body organs maintain its fluid balance and helps us keep our skin rejuvenated. 6-8am -drink a glass8-12pm - drink another glass or 212-3pm - drink a glass3-6pm - drink a glass or 26-8pm -drink a glass. Have a glass of water next to your bed for the middle of the night, drinking water before bedtime, helps the body flush out all toxic things as the body recharges.

Healthy Lifestyle



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