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My 5 Year Old Said WHAT!...

Parenting a 5 year old

I was walking with my 5-year-old son yesterday around 8 pm, it was still bright outside, May has been good to us in the UK, but no sun or moon on us and he said "mum where is my shadow?"

I looked and replied with "there is no light shining on you, shadows only come out when there is light"

And I thought "Yoo that is so profound"

He looked at me confused

I learn from my children all the time, honestly, I think I learn more from them than I teach them 🤣

I said to him "thank you King for pointing me to my shadows and letting me know how beautiful it is" He said "I love my shadows too"

Shadows, because depending on how the light is shining on you, your shadow can look multiplied

Yes, I do shadow work with my children, my youngest is 2 years old. We speak to our shadows when we see them (multiple).

"Hi shadow, I see you, I love you, I respect you, You are me and I am you."

Family support and natural healing

What is a shadow?

I see so many people vex at others for putting boundaries in place, because they lack it themselves, or vex at others being sexually free because they wish they could, instead of realising, and saying "wow I was triggered, this made me sad or what this person did make me sad because I wish I didn't lack this energy, or I feel this way because I have not dealt with this hurt in me, or I do not feel I can just be this bold and free" instead they get angry, bitter, depressed and sad.

We all have shadows, but we only see them when light is shining on us, we only get triggered when light is shining on us, we see our inner shadows as a bad part of us, but it's a beautiful part of us When we shine a light on it, we see it clearly and it loses its power, you need to get to a place where you see the beauty in all of you.

This Takes Work, Determination, and Professional Support

Every month I deliver training to my private parenting group and it was meant to be on awareness-raising this month (May), which is part of my 3 steps to healing trauma for parents, but I am going to jump into shadow work this month.

Step 1: Identify it (Identify your trauma, soul, and shadow) Step 2: Face It (Face and forgive your trauma) Step 3: Heal It (Heal your demons and let the light in)

Love is foundation of family and healing

Shadow is the part of you, that you dislike
Shadow is the part you refuse to see
Shadow is the part of yourself you do not like but the fact is, it's always there. Nagging at you and the more you face it consciously, the more comfortable you get with your shadow.

If you know me for more than a minute you know my shadow is me which will trigger the heck out of your shadow, that sits in the dark looking cute, tormenting you. If you are a parent or parent to be and ready to look at and love all of you, and sit with your triggers then jump in my

Impact parenting

Who AM I? And why am I the Psychotherapist to get you closer to the finished line called happiness, when other therapist didn't seem to shift you more than a few inches, when other church leaders didn't even move you, talk less moving an inch.

Croydon Psychotherapist, Counselling in London therapist

Hi, I'm Celestina Oniye-Thomas CEO, Psychotherapist, and Parent Coach After almost 24 hours of spinal injury at the age of 16, which left me paralyzed, I began to love life and my passion to work with children grew. I fought through all odds and taught myself to walk again, despite doctors thinking and repeatedly telling me that "You may never walk again." I am now a muti award, fully-certified, and qualified Integrative, Psychotherapist, I specialise in Cognitive Behaviour and Neurolinguistics Psychotherapy I have been in this Profession for 15 years wife and mother of 2. My passion is to help other parents and children heal from their past trauma so they and your child can flourish. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can overcome them with inner confidence. The team and I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide you and your family forward and achieve your desired goals. I now use my over a decade of experience as a Psychotherapist, my father's genius parenting strategy, my trauma from my stepmother, overcoming death three times and paralyses as well as my experience as an ex-teacher to support families and parents in the last 15 years. I want all parents to heal so they do not keep passing their trauma to their children, I wished all children heal, I want to help parents see their child's uniqueness and grow it to allow your child to be great in all areas.

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