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10 Tips To Cope With Racism In The UK As A Black Person

Racism in the UK is no surprise to me as a Black female who schooled, lived, and worked in the UK for almost 30 years of my life. From being confused for another black woman that looked nothing like me. As a 27 year old, in a corporate job, slim size 8 in clothing, 5 foot nothing, with big afro and a Londoners accent, being confused for a 50 year old Nigerian woman who is 6 foot 2, with shaved head, size 16 in clothing, with an unmistakenable Nigerian African accent. And white colleagues and managers telling us "but you both look alike".

That incident is the tip of the iceberg of racism, that white always find a way to excuse away

However, it seems the #EuroCup #Football racism was a shock to some people, if like ME, its no shock to you, then this blog is for you, to cope, with your own wellbeing and sanity of your future and your children's future.

Below I have listed 10 Ways To Raise A Better tomorrow as a black person in the UK!

Ignorance Is Deep And It Should Be Uprooted...

HOW you Ask?

What Can We As Black People Do To Move Forward?

Firstly stop educating other ethnicities aka White people, I know there are white people in Africa too. You know what I mean 😏.
It's not your job as a Black person to educate them, however, for centuries we as Black people have been compelled to educate others, teach them our thoughts and why we do what we do, and think and feel what we feel.

If you need educating as a white person reading this. I have only five for you.

  1. Go do your own research

  2. Buy some books, read up on being anti-racist and educate self

  3. Support black businesses

  4. As a white person, you need to learn to listen to others lived experiences, with your mouth closed, this is not about how you feel, that is for your therapist not an every day black person to care about how racism makes you feel. Even when you disagree, or do not understand, close your mouth and listen.

  5. Get your schools and your children's school to teach Black History Excellence, I didn't say black slavery, I wrote Black History Excellence, Black people are not the ones that need educating on eliminating this ignorance, white people and white children are. They have always been the carrier of this ignorance.

Get your schools to do better and raise better children by teaching better.

Now that we have that out of the way, back to how you can move forward as a Black person, the best you can, and still live in the UK

1💕Elevate yourself as a Black person

2💕Teach your children your native language

3💕Take your children to your native country

4💕Love yourself in all your natural beauty (no shades on the blond straight weave, do you boo)

5💕Educate self (yesssss) on your own family history, the meaning of your family name, what tribe you come from, what your great-great parent's names were and what they looked like, who they marry, how many children they had, the food they eat, where they live. Once done go further and further back.

6💕Do not let your children hear you condemning someone based on their skin pigmentation or lack of it. Aka albinos are black too.

7💕 Collaborate with other Black people who align with your values and morales and leave the rest who do not on their journey

8💕 Buy Black and support black businesses with word of mouth even if you can not buy from them

9💕 Throw away "you too expensive" towards a black business, say "it's not for me right now".

10💕Teach your children how to cook and eat your native country's food. It's their culture too, do not let it be forgotten with you, your great-great-grandchildren deserve to know and love where they come from

Bonus Tips For My Black Kings And Queens:

1💕Find an African family to get to know

2💕 Do a DNA test, you would be surprised, you are not just from one country in the world, even if you are black, its a beautiful pigmentation, but get to know your blood country too.

3💕Find African countries to visit at least 5 times in your lifetime, and no, not the African country you come from, try others

4💕Teach self gratitude and positive affirmation in the mirror, to self and your child

©Celestina Oniye-Thomas - Head Of Psychotherapy

As a Black person reading this:

(If you are a white person reading this, again, this is not about you right now)

Black person- What are your thoughts?

Melanin King and Queen- Have you or do you do any of these?

Beautifully pigmented person - What else would you add?



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