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Do Men Commit?

I was kindly allowed by Paul Lawrence to be a Co-Host on his amazing show which platforms and showcases thought and topics affecting the Black community, from a man's perspective. So it was amazing I was on today from a woman and a Psychotherapist perspective. Not sure we touch the Psychotherapist part

I had my pen and note pad ready because yes, I was a co host, but I love learning from others. Just because I disagree with you does not mean I can not learn from you, so I was ready

What did we touch on:

*Basically, men do commit...when and if they want 🤣

*DO NOT think you can change a man because they hate being controlled anyways

*Men and women communicate differently so when he pulls away, listen he ain't ready to commit, have that honest conversation with him and if his words and behaviours are not matching move on, more fishes in the sea 🤣

*Cultural, personal and society meaning of commitment

* How to raise children that can commit healthily

Causes of why men don't commit:

*Past traumas

*Past relationships

*Fear of rejections

*Feeling they are not worthy

*They have had no role model to know what commitment and husband material is

*They have low self esteem

Tips on how to not waste your time:

*Know yourself, your love language/s and what you the women want

*Communicate and have that honest conversation early and keep having it

*Know if you are compatible

*Be with a man that can self soothe / willing to deal with learning to self soothe / knows own triggers and can communicate it verbally if verbal is what you the woman want.

*Most important have relationship / couple counselling early, then before marriage

Topics to touch on when getting to know a new person to know if you are compatible:

1. Social / Class

2. How you both resolve conflicts / how your parents resolved conflicts

3. Education / Career

4. Finance and Empire building

5. Religion

To watch the replay show, visit:

What you missed after the Live was each speaker, Host and Co-Host (aka ME) top things to teach children especially boys:

*To be emotionally intelligent so they can communicate better and commit effectively in all relationship

*Let boys cry

*Tech them to self soothe by you the parent being emotionally able to, especially during discipline

*To raise boys who were growing their resilience and confidence

If you attended and I missed something important please email me at:



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