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International Community

Happy Family
There are mothers all over the world raising their child/ren the best they can and needing support one way or the other


Nigeria is no different.


In 2019 Floating Counselling will be supporting mothers and their families in Africa (Nigeria), to ensure they are able to raise healthy children, who will grow up to be exceptional adults.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. (Chinese Proverb)


Our Role with the families
  • Help the mothers start a business / get a good job

  • Supporting the children to attend schools and get education fit for them 

  • The families will be supported with decent living accommodation

  • Every family will be offered Mentorship and Counselling 

  • Physical and spiritual guidance to ensure they will live healthy lives moulded just for them


How can you help?


You can donate


Sponsor each child, Mother or/and family

Part of sponsoring each child/ family is a regular update of how the child/ren and family as a whole are doing

Updates include pictures, writing, letters and if you would like to travel to Nigeria and meet the families that can be arranged too, they would love to meet their sponsors


To find out more information and to fill out the sponsorship form click Sponsor Information below 




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Baby's Grasp

UPDATES 2018-Oct 2019 Project


Three Different families were Identified to need help

WE ARE CURRENTLY RAISING FUNDS FOR Cancer Mother's TREATMENT and Pregnant woman hospital bills due July 2019

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