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June: Free Women's Workshop

Women's Wellbeing

We have a monthly surprise!

Counselling helps us grow as humans, change enables us to have the inner strength to manage challenges and difficulties constructively while acknowledging the pain of past and present problems.

Floating Counselling desire is to help our clients find a way to live your life with a very real hope for the future.

As always the tickets for 3rd JUNE 2017 were all sold out, we even needed to add more to cater for people contacting saying they heard about the previous month and wanted to attend. Unfortunately not all turned up, which was disappointing because others wanted to come but there were no more tickets. Due to this we are changing our policy for booking. We will be charging a small fee, which all attendees will be getting back if they attend on the day.


As sponsors of our workshops, are spreading the love by offering Floating counselling the chance to do this amazing monthly workshop. That consists of pampering and wellbeing, and we employ you to spread the love and share your experience, also share the love by supporting June’s business that came out to offer physical and mental stress relieve on 3rd June. Link is below to watch a clip of part of what we offered on Saturday 3rd.


They are giving individuals 15% off 1st session and 50% off 5th session to all who contact them quoting Floating Counselling.

She was able to give massage to half of the people who came on Saturday 3rd, and another individual won a 45minute private massage, worth over £60, which will be booked outside of Floating counselling.

Currently coaching people to be able to not only achieve worldly and financial riches but mentally be fulfilled, working in conjunction with Natwest bank Nick Howe.

They are running a FREE seminar on Saturday 17th June 2017, (book by clicking his name above). Seminar is a must for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Attendees were able to get this book for 50% off on Saturday. Unfortunately the prices are back to £9.99

She is currently working in conjunction with The Bodyshop on your high street, bringing you bigger savings than the stores and online. To order, please get in contact with us.

She offers monthly private consultation with individuals that attends our workshop, giving pampering and facial.

Some of the women that have attended our workshop have asked to help and support on the bodyshop side with Celestina. If this interest you, have a read below and get back to us, we will put you in contact with THE BODYSHOP HEADOFFICE & get you training, etc:


Viewed by almost 300 people in the first 24 hours on Facebook, we are currently putting it on other social platforms like YouTube and Instagram, to see the full session by both professionals please view our YouTube page - Floating Counselling UK



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