We offer services that empower clients with tools for success. Each counselling / Psychotherapy  session is personalised, and Counsellor's attention and focus are to help each coachee identify their values, strengths, and abilities to support their personal and professional goals.
Get in touch, and one of our Counsellor will teach you the tools for your success.



This type of therapy founded by Sigmund Freud the psychodynamic approach to psychology, or psychoanalysis. Counsellor tries to help clients make sense of their relationships, experiences, and how they see the world. The strategy sees human functioning drives and forces within the person, mainly unconscious.


You will learn about self-acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.



Humanistic is a belief by Counsellors that humans are all born with free will.

The right condition is, explained by Carl Roger, are given (Unconditional positive regard, Non -Judgement and honesty), then the human will grow to flourish well.


Counsellors will support clients to develop and fulfil their inner potential authentically.



Client and Therapist work collaboratively to identify how the client can break the repetitive cycle we humans cling to which fuel our problems or strengthen it. Ellis, the founder of REBT, believed this is why human-being tends to resist change and feel stuck in their cognitive thinking.


CBT helps educate clients on how their thinking, affects their behaviour and emotions, which can be more direct than other types of therapy.



An integrative therapist combines different theories and techniques they have learned to form a new practice to best help and support their clients. These Counsellors draw from what works and what best suit their clients. It is the integration of the personality and needs of the patient in the Counselling room.


This brings together the emotional, cognitive, behavioural and physiology within the Counselling. It is a tailored package to address the individual client's specific needs.

Offers sessions in convenience of clients home, as well as offices across London, Kent, Surrey and Essex

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