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July Newsletter - #Authentic You

July started at: Charming Beauty

79 High Street / South Norwood / SE25 6EA

Wellbeing Emotions

A massive thank you to the owner of Charming Beauty, Daniel for accommodating us, right at the centre of the Festival, on Saturday 1st July, which attracted locals for hours. We were there till past 8 pm. It started off slow, got busy and came to a nice calm end, with an excellent atmosphere as usual.

The day focused on facials and the mask we wear as humans to mask our real emotions. The benefits of these masks and the harm they cause us and others around us, this will be the topic for the rest of this year on our social platform and our events.

What is new

We have currently added two volunteers to our team. We will be introducing them to you as they get comfortable in their job roles.

You may have noticed our new face on Social media, our new logo which had the team scratching their heads, for weeks and months researching every small detail including the shade of the colour we picked. Working hard to come up with something unique that represents us and what we stand for.

For those that have not been on our social media, go and check it out and let us know what you honestly think. We can not wait to hear your thoughts and feedbacks. Also find out how our new logo represents us by clicking FaceBook.

Coming up in future events from September 2017

#BodyshopCelestina will now be attending the monthly event with a surprise gift The Bodyshop goodie bags which will contain £20 worth of goods, for just £10. She will have just 15 bags to give at each event if there is any spare those who were unable to make it can contact us to get their own. Each pack contains a variety of products, from facial products to skin care and hair products, some bags may even include perfumes and body mist for male and female. Ladies do not forget men need looking after too.

Click here to book September pampering, wellbeing workshop

We also aim to put together events for men, to elevate and build men's self-worth and ego. The reality is, men are humans, they feel just like women feel, the difference is they go in their men's cave to process their emotions. Unfortunately, when some go inwards, they find it hard to find a way out of their feelings. The loneliness is killing men, and we are partnering with amazing companies shortly to assist the male in these process. No one needs to be lonely, have your man cave, go inward, just make your way out healthily.

Read our blog about our need to focus on men - Biggest male killer in UK



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