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May: Free Women's Workshop

We have a monthly surprise!

5 women got their nails fully done with jam gel, instead of Acrylic and 10 women got a facial done with The body-shop products from #BodyshopCelestina's teams.

Self esteem, ego and the importance was discussed

Supporting NAIL TECHNICIAN by Marilyn at Unique Jam nail

Monthly pampering workshop is aimed at women, not just mothers. It is facilitated by a professional, qualified Counsellor who allows the space to be non-judgemental. A beauty consultant from #BodyshopCelestina @BodyshopCelestina is also on hand to give a facial every month.


Shari will be attending to give a massage to 3 lucky winner of the raffle on 3rd June 2017.

Bring your body back into balance with a completely relaxing and restorative massage. Experience ultimate peace and harmony as the tension in your muscles fade away. Gentle or firmly soothing strokes that boost energy levels and relieve symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and depression.


Tony Dada will attend on 3rd June to discuss GPS Mentoring & Coaching

Supported by the 5 pillars which underpins your life, Tony will explain how these helps an individual identify their natural talents, abilities and unique gifts, then stimulates alignment, which quickly and powerfully produces a new mind-set geared towards successful outcomes and clarity of purpose. This creates an inspired momentum towards success, health, wealth and happiness without it feeling like hard work. www.tonydada.com

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Offers sessions online, as well as offices across London, Croydon, Kent, Surrey and Essex

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