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Law of Attraction

What you say will come true, what you believe about yourself will be true, what you say to and about your children will come true. Pick your words carefully, use them wisely.The law of attractions works, your personal beliefs manifest into reality all the time. Grow positivity in the lives of all you love, starting with yourself.

Law Of Attraction

Here are some for you today:

I attract success into my life

I have the power to create my reality

I attract into my life positivity

I am beautiful on the inside and the outside

I am a success in all areas of my life

My thoughts will create my reality in a positive way

Our thoughts feed and fuel us, our surrounding feeds and fuel us, others spoken words feed and fuel us.

What are you saying to yourself? Who and what are you surrounding yourself with? What thoughts are you thinking about?

Today use positive thinking and beliefs to manifest a positive future for yourself



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