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Congratulations for making it this far on registering your child with us for CroydonSummer Holiday

Sadly all spaces are taken. However, we got you:

1. Join our Parenting group

2. Please join the Waiting list for the summer school, and I will email you back by 1st August about a space with us or another FREE Croydon Summer Holiday 

3. Buy the Parenting book

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About Floating Counselling Community

Celestina Oniye-Thomas is a multi-award-winning CEO & Psychotherapist at Floating Counselling. Head of  Psychotherapy and Parent Coach here at Floating Counselling, which is an international award-winning organisation supporting and empowering the community to be better


"We do Better When We Know Better"


Celestina is a fully qualified, insured, and licensed integrative Psychotherapist, ex-teacher with special needs and challenging behaviour children, who specialises in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, tapping & NLP with almost 15 clinical years of experience supporting people in achieving their personal goals, healing from trauma, and parenting more effectively. This is achieved by facilitating self-growth by empowering clients, to identify the challenges being faced and encouraging confidence, self-worth and building resilience to overcome anything life may bring. She is the creator of Impact Parenting Formula.

After overcoming paralysis & death multiple times, Celestina believes everyone, especially parents deserve the opportunity to stand out in their uniqueness, so they can continue to fulfill their potential and reach their purpose, in order to create a better tomorrow for self and their child.

Floating Counselling and her team provide personalised family therapy and coaching tools to support clients in achieving their goals and living a full and prosperous life. Celestina strongly believes that parents hold the key in healing the next generation in the community and wants to empower all to heal, to raise the next generation stronger physically and mentally, with emotional intelligence. 


Celestina and her team of experts offer real tools and strategies to empower and educate parents to deal with their past trauma, build resilience and confidence in themselves and child, she is the author of Art Of Disciplining With Love, which is a therapeutic educational, with a dash of biblical teaching on raising children in Love, which can be bought in physical book or ebook on:


Some services Celestina and her Team PROVIDE:

Individual, group & couple and family Counselling / Psychotherapy


Family intense coaching support - Impact Parenting 


Business course for qualified mental health practitioners to start their own private practice - Counsellor Get Paid Course


Student Counsellor Coaching support


Free weekly food delivery and support to communities in Lambeth, Southwark, and Croydon for the past 60 weeks of Covid19 pandemic, register on:


If you as a parent would like to volunteer with us, I would love to hear from you.

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