Key Workers Mental Health Support

2020 has been a year that brought with it so many challenges especially with your work, loss of loved ones, colleagues, community members and elders, friends and families, and even your previous way of being, which still means due to COVID you still need to stand strong for your community and country and keep going.

Especially if you are African and Black, we want to help you process life, your loss, your emotions, past and present. We want you healthier, we want you to know it's okay not to be okay.


2020 came with a blast of retraumatization for the Black and African community and our Black-led company and Psychotherapist are here for you.

3 FREE sessions and £45 off per the next 10 sessions. Book today below

We are offering you 13 sessions for the price of just 5 sessions



2 Instalment available at £250 on your first sessions and £250 on your fifth session

We have created a bundle to support you and your loved ones as well as put financial support in place to ensure you are physically and mentally looking after yourself

Once you have clicked and paid you will be sent your Counsellor's calendar within 24 hours.


Sessions Currently available

Online and Telephone sessions during COVID19 with all our Counsellors  

In-person now available in Croydon with Celestina

Offers sessions in convenience of clients home, as well as offices across London, Kent, Surrey and Essex

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