Get the most out of life, heal past trauma, embrace and overcome life challenges through therapy. 


Sometimes, it seems as if life has it in for you, your parents did you wrong, relationships have not been fulfilling, and some have even been abusive, but now you want confidence for you, your child and your life.

In reality, there will always be moments you have little to no control over, but, what you can always control is how you react to those moments.


Your Counsellor's job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle with confidence, without the parenting guilt.


With your Counselling sessions, you will build resilience, learn about acceptance, and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you, as well as parent more effectively. 

Parents, Dealing With Your Trauma And Building Resilience for Yourself And Child Just Got Easier, Without The Parenting Guilt

Instalment payment available

Six session

Blocks of 6 sessions are £90 per session

(3 instalments available) £180 prior to the session beginning 

£180 on session 3 and last payment on session 5

Twelve session

Block of 12 sessions are £60 per session

(3 instalment available)£240 prior to the session beginning

£240 session 3 and £240 session 6

24 session

Blocks of 24 sessions+ are

£45 per session

 (4 Instalment available)

£270 prior to the session beginning

£270 session 3, 8, 12

yearly membership package 

  •  Monthly Motivational videos (value £29.99)

  • Access to all our mental health, parenting and business training online  (value £4,500)

  •   Access to our monthly empowerment seminars and wellbeing workshops (value £500)  

  •  Physical book, workbook and ebooks  (value £49.99)

  •  2 Counselling sessions per month either via telephone or face to face sessions (value £240)

Saving of (£3,168 98) 



I learnt so many tips on managing my anger and loving myself more.

I am so grateful for my Psychotherapist at Floating Counselling, my life is so much better, financially, emotionally, am just confidently happier within myself.


Counselling at Floating Counselling changed my life for the better, all their staffs are so nice and caring. 

I got to work on my past traumas and find copying tools to move forward to be healthier and stop self-sabotaging, I honestly feel more resilient, which was why I came to therapy


I had 20 sessions with Floating Counselling Psychotherapist and I am so glad my family and I went through this journey. We have better bonding and respect for each other.

Every parent should have counselling, do not wait till there is a problem, prevent it and my wife and I were able to do that


Celestina Oniye-Thomas

Sarah Turino, USA

CEO and Creator The Whole Woman Wellness Formula

I have learned so much from Impact Parenting and Celestina. It was incredibly and well-rounded, that supported a wide variety of issues that parents face. I have teenagers children, and in the USA, the state I am in we have been homeschooling basically throughout 2020,  Celestina is such an experienced and knowledgeable and dynamic Psychotherapist and teacher. All parents should try it!


Even, If you are not feeling frustrated or finding parenting hard, give it a try. You will learn so many tools and get so much support. Thank you, Celestina!

I am so grateful for the Impact Parenting pillar course. You are a terrific teacher.

Danya Denny, UK

Social Worker and Beauty Consultant at Body Desire

Due to stress and difficulty with my ex partner I was screaming and shouting at my son, which made him have really terrible 2'ce where he will throw himself on the floor and not follow boundaries. Coaching from Celestina helped me know his personality better and she gave realistic tools on how I can help my son be more resilient and help me keep healthy boundaries with him, in a loving way, to create a lasting secure bond.

It was so good for me to see and know myself better too, the workbooks and cheat-sheets allowed me to look at my past traumas and find healthy ways to move forward to be better for my children.

Niina Kabesa, Congo

Author and Founder of Mother Of Nations

As a mother of 6 from newborn to 18 years old, I learnt so much from therapeutic support from Celestina, I was able to adapt strategies to my real life and all my children straight away, and I am still using them 4 months later, I keep going back to the workbooks and resources given. I am a rape survivor, so past trauma and wanting to raise my children to be their genius individual confident self is really important to me and Celestina's teaching was able to break it down to allow me to adapt it to all 6 children lovingly. Every parent needs this

Therapy With Realistic Tool And Strategy For Life

Offers sessions online, as well as offices across London, Croydon, Kent, Surrey and Essex

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