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I Am So Glad You Grabbed The 3 Ways To Train &  Discipline Your Child

WITHOUT The Trauma And Parenting Guilt
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PARENTING Just Got Easier



You will learn tools on how to bond and creating generational wealth



Personal coaching call with a chartered accountant and finance analysis on how you and your child can be wiser with money and create generational wealth 

Learn to overcome challenges as a parent and build yours and child's confidence



You  will get access to a qualified and practicing Psychotherapist to dig into how to prevent trauma for your child and to assist you the parent to help your child be more resilient and confidence, helping your child deal with life challenges

Outline and tools to effectively communication and build resilience in self and child



You will get rear access to a mother of 6, who is also raising a none verbal child on how to communicate effectively and lovingly with your child even during discipline 

...and much more

What You Get?

Real Tools And Template To Raise Your Child's Confidence And Resilient 

Impact parenting 7 pillar is easy to follow scientifically expert design tools.

Step by step guide to increase yours and your child's self-esteem, for you to be a conscious and more effective parent, for your child's development.

​Plus Easy Ways To Enable Your Child To Be Wiser With Money

1💝 4 workbooks of Pillar Parenting manual $195


2💝 Cheat sheet and templates of Pillar 3, 4 and 5 $195


3💝 2 brain charts of how your child's brain works and stores information $86


4💝  56 Weekly I AM affirmation $12


5 💝 30 Affirmation tips to build resilience $12


6 💝 Financial literacy cheat sheet $50


​...And many more

 over $2,800 savings

buy 37 image Copy-of-Health-and-Wellness


  • ​Guest speaker self-love guide to enhance confidence $15

  • ​You will get over 6 hours of world experts knowledge, Q & A and teaching $2500

  • Emotional cheat sheet $90


Click the image above to download now!

Due to stress and difficulty with my ex partner I was screaming and shouting at my son, which made him have really terrible 2'ce where he will throw himself on the floor and not follow boundaries. Impact parenting helped me know his personality better and gave realistic tools on how I can help my son be more resilient and help me keep healthy boundaries with him, in a loving way, to create a lasting secure bond.
It was so good for me to see and know myself better too, the workbooks and cheat-sheets allowed me to look at my past traumas and find healthy ways to move forward to be better for my children.


As a mother of 6 from new born to 18 years old, I learnt so much on this Impact parenting bundle, I was able to adapt them to my real life and all my children straight away, and I am still using them, I keep going back to the training and the recording and resources given. It was so handy to also learn about myself, and how I can heal my past, as I am a rape survival, so past trauma and wanting to raise my children to be their genius individual confident self is really important to me and Celestina's teaching was able to break it down to allow me to adapt it to all 6 children lovingly. Every parent needs this


I have learned so much from Impact Parenting. It was incredibly and well-rounded, that supported a wide variety of issues that parents face. I have teenagers children, and Celestina, is such an experienced and knowledgeable and dynamic teacher. She brought the teachings to life. All parents should try it! Especially, If you are feeling frustrated or find parenting is hard, give it a try. You will learn so many tools and get so much support. Thank you Celestina!
I am so grateful for the Impact Parenting pillar course. You are a terrific teacher.





Join worldwide parents helping their child to greatness with Live, Personal, Realistic Support

- Danya Denny, UK
Social Worker and Beauty Consultant at Body Desire

Looking At My Trauma >

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Impact parenting helped me know my son's personality better and gave realistic tools on how I can help my son be more resilient

- Niina Kabesa 
Author and Founder of Mother Of Nations

Mother Of 6 Love It >

niina testimony pic.png

This Helped me because wanting to raise my children to be their genius individual confident self is really important to me

Sarah Turino, USA

CEO and Creator Of The Whole Woman Wellness Formula

Why This is Great >

sarah testimony pic.jpg

I have learned so much from Impact Parenting. It was incredible and well-rounded, supported



Are you ready for a framework to support you to raises and bond with your child in an effective way? As well as how to build generational wealth?

Even if you, the parent works full time and/or are currently homeschooling?


Let’s bust some MYTHS about PARENTING

*1: It is hard being a  parent 

Parenting takes patience and awareness, everything else is a by product .

I have created a package to help you be aware of your's and your child's triggers and stresses to create a harmonious loving parent / child relationship even during discipline

*2: My child is a mini me 

Your child is their unique God produced self

Your child will always be a part of you and may have come from you but, they are not you and referring to them as mini you, takes away their uniqueness 

This package will navigate you to allow your child's true authentic self to shine as they build resilience, so you can raise a million dollar genius









*3: Society holds more control on who children become

90% of your child's brain growth happens from 0-5 years old

You will be given tools to understand that your child is your daily manual on how to be a better parent, swipe files and affirmation to empower your child as early as possible for a lasting effects. Alongside my signature mirror work technique founded by Hays foundation, which has changed my clients life and their relationship with their children, even their teens and adult children.




When you buy this manual, you join parents all over the world to ensure your child is raised in the most effective way and allow your child to be confident and resilient enough for life challenges

Imagine Your Child Turning To You In Times Of Worries And Crisis

This parenting manual outlines and gives tools to help you build effective communication with your child so you are one of the first people your child turns to in need 

Imagine Your Child Does Not Need To Heal From Trauma You Caused Them?

This 7 pillar manual was scientifically designed to help you, the parent be aware of your own traumas, as well as designed to help you know way to manage them with psychological backing in order to raise your child into their own authentic greatness

Is Parenting Guilt Keeping You Up At Night?

The techniques given will help you sleep with ease knowing you are doing your best and your child is on their way to greatness. Every child is different but the psychology that underpins the existence and requirement of every parenting is the same. I have broken it down to bite size to find what works for you and your child.


Do you want a Psychotherapist that has been working with children and families for over 10 years to walk you through parenting strategies? 

Parenting is a job that can be fun and enjoyable

Parenting is as easy and simple as you want it to be BUT... only when you start being more conscious and intentional with your parenting

I am sharing with you my over a decade knowledge of humans behaviour, parenting strategies to raise a child wiser with money, brain function and development, as well as now that I am a mother myself, what I have discovered that I have not read anywhere else.

From struggling parent to confident parents 

I am selfishly on a mission to help other parents know what I know, because if we are all parenting better, then we can create a safer tomorrow for ourselves and your child, a world mine and your child are safe and able to be themselves





Struggling Parent To Confident Parent

  • Do you want to raise a confident and resilient child? 

  • Do you want to raise a child who is not afraid and keeps getting up? 

  • ​Do you want to raise a successful child, wise with money?

  • Do you want to raise a child who is secure in themselves enough to find, make and maintain positive friendships and relationships?















Impact Parenting Manual

Do you want to have a loving relationship with self and child, so you can parent from a loving place instead of fear or anger

This manual is easy to follow tools that even your child can navigate through it, say it and follow it


This manual is not like any other parenting bundle or packages, this is a step by step manual with techniques, workbooks and videos that works, tried and tested for centuries, over a decade with my clients, behaviour challenged schools I have worked in, as well as my personal life


I want your child to be their unique beautiful, incredible self, who is allowed to not repeat past generation's trauma.

Even if you feel your child is already great and I agree your child is born genius, I want to give you the manual to follow manual so you can equip your child with resilience, confidence and success as they grow


  • ​This IS NOT time consuming because I have created it to be easily incorporated into your daily routine

  • ​This IS NOT intrusive

  • ​This package IS NOT just tools, training and templates, it is 7 parenting pillar manual to make positive lasting impact on your child so your child can go on to impact the world in a positive way



Huge Faith

Parenting pillar manual will open you to be aware of your healing journey and help you start to work through past hurts, traumas and let downs in order to not pass them onto your child subconsciously or consciously  . 

Learn to love your child their own unique way 

Huge Confidence

You will have templates and proven scripts on how to discipline effectively that works for your child without killing their unique spirit or suppressing it, whilst still maintaining a positive loving connection and healthy, secure attachment with your child

Learn to love your child their own unique way

Huge Resilience

Learn why affirmation do not work, in order to works to build confidence and resilience

Learn how to use Love language to discipline and bond with your child

Learn how to ensure you and your child build generational wealth 

Learn how to communicate more effectively with your child to create a positive attachment

Learn and be given useful tools to know which type of parenting strategies you were raised with and the best for your child to reduce trauma



Each parenting pillar allows you the parent to bond better with your child and ensure your child is emotionally strong and is able to have positive outlook in life and positive relationships and friendships

Learn how your child's brain works and how to use easy to follow techniques to adapt the love they need that is effective to their unique self, every human is different and their love language maybe different from yours

Learn to love your child their own unique way 

Life will be easier, lighter, more loving,
happier and better when you learn these parenting manual that I have dissected into 7 pillars


Bundle 1

Art of Disciplining with love Language (value $32.99)  


Manual full of world renounced researching on the dangers of spanking and the alternatives to raising a child in love instead of fear, how to know own love language and how to ensure your child develops healthy love languages, especially if you as the parent was parented in fear. It includes realistic exercises to allow you as the parent to be more conscious so you can parent healthier and bond with child even during discipline.


Bundle 2

6 ​Masterclass training of pillar of effective parenting (value $950)


This masterclass breaks down into digestible sized how to parent from an authentic place as well as a loving conscious place without losing self. Each pillar looks at different types of parenting style and how the parent may have adopted it to create awareness on how to understand own current thought process as a parent, to ensure pass traumas are not sipping into current parenting.

Bundle  3

350 affirmation for parent and child (value $59.99)


This bundle navigates you through different types of affirmation and how best to get the best out of your child from an early age to build self esteem and resilience using mirror work. It is structured and worded in a way where every child from a speaking age can affirm it to self in the mirror on a daily basis. This manual also outlines how it can be used to discipline effectively. 

Bundle 4

Blueprint of Love Language to discipline (value $69.99)


Disciplining can be challenging and this blueprints makes it transparent how to and how not to discipline. It shows step by step guide into all the four types of love language and gives suggestions on which one your child might be and what types of discipline suits each type of love language.

Bundle 5

Swipe file on tackling anxiety in parenting and child brain chart (£50)


This chart has transformed all the parents that I have been coaching for years, to see, know and understand which brain function your child is capable of, at what age, eradicated some of parenting frustrations and reduces anxiety. As well as understanding the core root and tips to combat anxiety

Bundle  6

​Framework for secure parent / child attachment (value $59.99)


In this framework you get an outline of what different attachment is for you as the parent and how that impacts your parenting, as well as how to ensure you raise your child in a secure attachment, to ensure they grow up to be able to find, navigate and sustain healthy relationship and not dysfunctional friendships


and MORE



Bonus 1

Game plan of Upstairs / downstairs brain (value $49.99)

As your child grows so does their brain, You will learn what is happening in your child's brain to know how to interact and even discipline them effectively to support your child to be a confident, assertive person.

The upstairs brain is complex - Thinking, imagining, planning – these things come from the upstairs brain (think critically, problem solve, and make good decisions.)

The Downstairs is where important and basic functions happen - breathing, strong emotions, and innate reactions to danger, like fight, flight or freeze. You will be shown how it appears in your child, so you can respond correctly.


Bonus 2

Online safety manual for 3-18 year old


We are living in an era where your child can not be shielded from the outside world even when they are sitting right next to you at home, to this Manuel shows you how to communicate effectively with your child so they are trained to have integrity and do the right things. How they can make right decisions themselves in life and online


Bonus 3

Road plan conscious parent body / mind


Our mind affects our reaction (body), this map will help guide you as a parent on how you can mold your mind and body to align, in order to be more conscious and present with your child. This map in return will allow a more loving supportive relationship to be built with your child and self. 


Bonus 4

Financial Technique for children (value $150)

This workbook and training is designed by myself and a chartered accountant to helps you support your child to think about 5 techniques: spend, save, earn, give and consequences surrounding money and finance. This pack is designed to encourage your child towards entrepreneurship, as we outline how to motivate them to earn and save for what they want, in order to create a child wiser with money.




  • ​​Art of Disciplining with love language (value $32.99)

  • ​6 masterclass training of pillar of effective parenting (value $950)

  • 350 affirmation for parent and child (value $59.99)

  • ​​​Blueprint of Love Language to discipline (value $69.99)

  • ​Children's brain chart (value $12.99)

  • ​Framework for secure parent / child attachment (value $59.99)

  • ​Swipe file on tackling anxiety (£50)


  • ​Process of online safety 3-18 year old (value $49.99)

  • ​Game plan of upstairs & downstairs brain in parenting (value $49.99)

  • 6 hours masterclass Coaching Video (value $150)

  • ​​Road map Conscious parents-body/mind (value $49.99)

  • Financial Technique for children (value $136) 

  • ​Trello board Templates (PRICELESS)

Total Value $1,671.92

Today only = $37



If You Are Not 100% Satisfied.

I am parent just like you, and I know you want the best for your child, so I understand you buying this product is you taking a leap of faith to create and assist your genius child, with love and support into greatness.


This product is meant to be used to help you raise your child to be a reflection of everything amazing in life.


Your child is part of your future, I can not guarantee that you and your child will still not have arguments or bad days, what I can guarantee is that Impact parenting manual is designed to help you create a loving relationship with your child, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the bundle to help build your child plus the immense time and stress it will save you in the long run if you follow the easy steps given. 

Firstly help highlight how you can have loving relationship with yourself and be more conscious and present with your own emotions. 


Of course, If you’re not happy with the package, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.


What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing! But you and your child have a lot to gain. It’s risk-free, so let’s get started TODAY!


This is for you if...

  • You are ready for your child to be greater than you 

  • ​You are ready to be a conscious parent, acting, behaving and disciplining in love

  • ​You are ready to learn and know your child needs you to help them be resilient, confident and wiser with money

But this is not for you if...

  • You believe that your child needs you to be perfect all the time

  • ​You are not ready for your child to be their unique and amazing self 

  • You are not ready to own up to your mistakes and learn to be better 

Hi, I'm Celestina Oniye-Thomas

I was born to Nigerian parents and spent the early years of my life living with my mother and siblings. I grew up with my father and his new wife from the age of 7, and life got really traumatic.


I vowed to never have children because I did not want them to be emotionally or physically abused, as my step mother saw intense physical punishment as love and discipline, I underwent multiple operation and I feared if I was ever to be a parent I would not know how to control my anger like my step mother, who always reminded us "you have it easy my father did worse to me".


After almost 24 hours spinal injury at the age of 16, that left me paralyzed I began to love life and my passion to work for children grew. I fought thorough all odds and taught myself to walk again, despite doctors thinking and repeatedly telling me that "I may never walk again."


Then an alarm bulb went off about my father's role in parenting me and my siblings, Impact Parenting 7 pillar houses so many of tools that allowed me to be resilient and confident enough to now be an able body, in the face of resistance.


I have now used my over a decade experience as a Psychotherapist, my father's genius parenting strategy, my trauma from my step mother, overcoming death three times and paralyses as well as my experience as an ex teacher to support families and parents in the last 15 years, this bundle holds so many of that knowledge. I want all parents to heal so they do not keep passing their trauma to their children, I wished my step mother healed from her own father's abuse, so she did not pass it onto my sister and I and her own two children. I want to help parents see their child's uniqueness and grow it to allow your child to be great.

morre testimonies 

Why Wait When You Can Start Creating A Resilient And Confident Child Today 

Waiting Means Another Day That You Do Not Have The Tools To Give Your Child To Reach Their Full Potential 

Impact Parenting 7 Pillar To Greatness

  • ​​Art of Disciplining with love language (value $32.99)

  • ​6 masterclass training of pillar of effective parenting (value $950)

  • 350 affirmation for parent and child (value $59.99)

  • ​​​Blueprint of Love Language to discipline (value $69.99)

  • ​Children's brain chart (value $12.99)

  • ​Framework for secure parent / child attachment (value $59.99)

  • ​Swipe file on tackling anxiety (£50)


  • ​Process of online safety 3-18 year old (value $49.99)

  • ​Game plan of upstairs & downstairs brain in parenting (value $49.99)

  • 6 hours masterclass Coaching Video (value $150)

  • ​​Road map Conscious parents-body/mind (value $49.99)

  • Financial Technique for children (value $136) 

  • ​Trello board Templates (PRICELESS)

Total Value $1,671.92

Today only = $37



My child is in their teens, can this still work for me?

Yes, 7 pillar is massively important for teens as that is an age they start knowing who they are and following peers pressure can derail them and their own personality. So buying this 7 pillar would help them be confident and resilient in their own body and thoughts.

I have a special needs child, will this be helpful for me and my child?

Yes, this 7 pillar will help you like it has been able to help a mother of 6, shown in Pillar 6 training. Who also has none verbal autistic child, and my coaching and pillars have been helpful to help her communicate effectively with all her children, with an autistic child who just graduated with A*, B and C, in main stream school despite being told the autistic child would not function in one.

I am a busy single dad with multiple children, how long will this take?

I have created majority of the tools and pillar with cheetsheet and templates for busy parents to be able to scan through and absorb straight away. As well as training videos that allows you to start being more conscious in how to raise confident and resilient child in less than a week.

I was abused as a child and do not want to pass on my low confidence to my children, will this help me, so I can help my child?

Impact parenting bundle will allow you to work on yourself and heal, in order to raise confidence children. Part of the bundle is the 350 parent and child affirmation which along with the rest of the bundle will create resilience and build self worth in you and your children

My child is only a few months old, is this worth buying for me?

The earlier you as a parent become conscious in how and why you parent the better for your child. 90% of your child's brain is developed by the time they are 5 years old, so the earlier the better to buy and put the 7 pillars into action  in your home

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Limited Time Deal.

Buying NOW will make parenting easier FOR YOU


You will understand yourself and child better without being in therapy for the next 10 years LIKE I WAS


You will understanding the brain and how your child processes information which will help you discipline and parenting all together better


You will save your money, time, argument, sleep and create a secure loving attachment for your child with the offer today


  • ​​Art of Disciplining with love language (value $32.99)

  • ​6 masterclass training of pillar of effective parenting (value $950)

  • 350 affirmation for parent and child (value $59.99)

  • ​​​Blueprint of Love Language to discipline (value $69.99)

  • ​Children's brain chart (value $12.99)

  • ​Framework for secure parent / child attachment (value $59.99)

  • ​Swipe file on tackling anxiety (£50)


  • ​Process of online safety 3-18 year old (value $49.99)

  • ​Game plan of upstairs & downstairs brain in parenting (value $49.99)

  • 6 hours masterclass Coaching Video (value $150)

  • ​​Road map Conscious parents-body/mind (value $49.99)

  • Financial Technique for children (value $136) 

  • ​Trello board Templates (PRICELESS)

Total Value $1,671.92

Today only = $37



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Frustrating And Exhausting

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Sleepless Nights

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Parenting No Longer Has To Feel Like This!

Do Not Miss This Breakthrough Parenting Manual


This package will develop you as a confident parent and start to erase that parenting guilt



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