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Imagine If You could prevent your child going through some traumas?

Imagine not having to hit your child and they still grew to be good in their personal and professional life

Imagine If You and Your Child Have Greater Resilience And Self Confidence

Imagine you and your child attracting the right, positive people into your life?

Is This How You Feel About Your life And Parenting?


Wasted Time...


Money wasted



Hold up!
I know you registered your child for our summer holiday school, but for some reason, you have not booked for our ongoing Saturday school

Which Of These Four Lies Is Stopping You From Dealing With Your Trauma And Stopping Your Success? 

What This IS Not!

Impact Parenting is the package and pillar that is transforming homes and families.

Helping parents reconnect with their child, and helping children know and love themselves better without the negative friends and peers intentionally in 6 weeks

Modern Watch

I Do not Have Time

"If you don't take time for your wellness, you will be forced to take time for your illness."

Joyce Sunada

You and your child only have one body and one mind, being too busy for counselling and support to deal with your trauma, your child's behaviour and negative friends will eventually lead to destruction, bleeding on others and continuous negative relationship even with your child.

 Young Woman Contemplating

I Will Remember Bad Things From My Past

"60% of People who completed suicide refused Counselling when offered, 25% didn't engage in therapy before suicide."

Royal College Of Psychiatrists 

Impact Parenting Therapeutic package does not make you feel worse, ignoring  the problem makes you feel worse and even kills and that is the fact. Mould grows in darkness, once you shine light and speak about your trauma, issues with your child with a professional like your Psychotherapist here with us, your Therapist can help you unpack it and clean the mould permanently so sunshine can come in, ignoring mould will make it grow and infect the rest of the property, opening doors, cleaning it properly and shining light will be the best thing you ever do.

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It Cost Too Much

"Going therapy increases your income, helps you build a happier relationship and find/keep better-paying jobs."

Research by British Household Panel

Here at Floating Counselling, we know that you matter and we want to help you and your family, so we have created a manageable cost that everyone can afford. How much do you place on your happiness? Even if we were charging £200 per session (we are not) is your positive future not worth it? Should we ask celebrities like Robin Williams how much they will pay for their happiness?

  • This is NOT an advice service

  • This is NOT A place we will judge you

  • This is NOT a place your Psychotherapist attempts to sort out your problems

  •  This is NOT a place where you will be Expected or encouraged to behave as Your counsellor would behave if confronted with a similar problem in their own life.

Imagine Having The Healing And Success You Have Been Craving?

Now It's Time For You And Your Child To Step Into Your Excellence

Its Time To Rewire your trauma to step into healing


Impact parenting free image.png

Therapy With Realistic Tools And Strategy For A Better Life

I want your child to have the exact steps to be confident, excel in life and be happy

Without Confidence, your child may get bullied or bully others

Without healthy mental wellbeing, your child may suffer from low self-esteem and depression

Without emotional intelligence, your child may get into negative relationships, friendships and may even cause them to dabble into criminal life and worse



I want your child to excel and I know you do too. I want to team up with you for your child's greatness.

Impact Parenting Therapeutic Support

 Imagine You and Your Child Having Less Anxiety And Stress

Imagine Having The Ability To Have Healthy Boundaries

Imagine Having No Parenting Guilty

Imagine Having Greater Stress Bucket and more Resilience and Confidence

Imagine Having A Better Relationship With Yourself, Child And Spouse

Imagine life after you learn to forgive self and your parents

Huge Faith

We know it takes huge faith to come to get therapeutic counselling in dealing with your trauma, your child and needs, to ensure you have a better relationship with self, others and your child. We will help you to learn to be aware of your healing journey and help you start to work through past hurts, traumas and let downs in order to not pass them onto your child and current or future spouses subconsciously or consciously

Learn to love yourself your own unique way

Huge Confidence

You will have templates, homework, support and if needed proven scripts on how to heal, and be effective, as well as loving to yourself and your child, without killing their unique spirit or suppressing it, whilst still maintaining a positive loving connection and healthy, secure attachment with your child. In order for that to happen, you need to love yourself unconditionally

Learn to love your child their own unique way

Huge Resillience

You will learn about your emotions, how to build and maintain resilience by learning skills on how to regulate emotions. Decreasing maladaptive behaviour patterns that result from poor self-awareness. Improving the ability to balance your personal and professional life. You will learn how to communicate more effectively in relationships and with your child to create a positive attachment. Learn useful tools and strategies to overcome any life challenges

Imagine life with a fully qualified Psychotherapist walking with you step by step through life's challenges, imagine how much easier, lighter and happier you and your child could be, with realistic tools and mental strategies that can be used and adapted to almost every challenges life might bring you? 


1: Counselling session

Two Counselling sessions per month (value £320)

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues.


2: Empowerment workshops

Monthly empowerment seminars and wellbeing workshops (value £500)

Mental Wellbeing workshops offers a range of resources and solutions for you in all areas of your life, from parenting, to physical health to professional.

3: Weekly motivational quotes

Monthly Motivational quotes & videos (value £329.99)

Weekly quotes, videos and flyers to keep you motivated, empowered and uplifted to be able to achieve your goals and support in your healing journey


4: Physical yearly product

Physical book, workbook and eBooks  (value £49.99)

Every months you will receive books and eBooks to support you in your parenting, mental, and physical journey, as well as workbooks you get to keep forever, so you can keep using them even after your journey with us here ends.

5: Parenting Pillar Training

Mental health, parenting and business online training  (value £4,500)

Access to all the trainings facilitated by the Floating Counselling staffs to help you in your personal, career and business journey to reach fullfillment



Bonus 1


Access to a private Facebook group where you will be supported with your parenting questions and supported by other parents in a loving way

Bonus 2


Weekly and monthly Easy to follow downloadable cheatsheet, workbook, PDF and shareable support packages of tools and strategies you could adapt straight away.


Bonus 3

Weekly email prompt to help you to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthier, tips to follow in making you aware of how to care for self better and heal past traumas


Impact Parenting Therapeutic Pillar

Impact parenting free image.png
  • Two Counselling sessions per month (value £320)

  • Monthly empowerment seminars and wellbeing workshops (value £500)

  • Checklist to help you monitor your emotions  (£29.99)

  • Physical book, workbook and eBooks  (value £49.99)

  • Monthly Motivational quotes & videos (value £29.99)

  • Mental health, parenting and business online training  (value £4,500)

  • Physical book, workbook and ebooks  (value £99.99)

  • Access to Facebook Private group (Priceless)

Total Monthly Value $5,529

Monthly offer = £499

As parents ourselves here at Floating Counselling, we know you would find every month beneficial, however, if after the first 30 days you Are Not 100% Satisfied you will get 100% money back Guaranteed


We are parents just like you here at Floating Counselling and we want you to be 100% satisfied, so we are giving you our promise that if you attend you first month counselling session and get all the packages and support in your first 30 days and strive to do the tasks and adapt them to your life but you are not satisfied with it, then we will give you your money back.

Plus you can also cancel the monthly support anytime you want,

its pay as you go

So What Are You Waiting For?

You Have Nothing To Lose But So Much To Gain

Hi, I'm Celestina Oniye-Thomas

CEO, Psychotherapist and Parent Coach

After almost 24 hours of spinal injury at the age of 16, that left me paralyzed I began to love life and my passion to work with children grew. I fought through all odds and taught myself to walk again, despite doctors thinking and repeatedly telling me that

"I may never walk again."


I am now muti award, fully-certified and qualified Integrative, Psychotherapist, I specialise in Cognitive Behaviour and Neurolinguistics Psychotherapy I have been in this Profession for 15 years wife and mother of 2. My passion is to help other parents and children heal from their past trauma so they and your child can flourish. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can overcome them with inner confidence. The team and I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide you and your family forward and achieve your desired goals. 

I now use my over a decade experience as a Psychotherapist, my father's genius parenting strategy, my trauma from my stepmother, overcoming death three times and paralyses as well as my experience as an ex-teacher to support families and parents in the last 15 years. I want all parents to heal so they do not keep passing their trauma to their children, I wished all children heal, I want to help parents see their child's uniqueness and grow it to allow your child to be great in all areas.

This Is For You If:

You have had enough of being in a continuous negative relationship with no happy ending

You do not want your child to have to heal from trauma you cause them

You know ignoring Your mental health problems is not making it better

But this is not for you if...

You are not ready to heal your past traumas or you do not see the power in healing journey

You do not think your mental and physical health is worth paying for 

But You Do Not Have To Take Our Word For It

Parenting Counselling

I have learned so much from Impact Parenting Pillar training and Celestina. It was incredibly and well-rounded, that supported a wide variety of issues that parents face. I have teenagers children, and in the USA, the state I am in we have been homeschooling basically throughout 2020. So I really needed this, it was full of knowledge to parent more consciously.

Sarah Turino, USA

CEO and Creator The Whole Woman Wellness Formula

Croydon Counselling

My son had terrible 2'ce where he will throw himself on the floor and not follow boundaries. I have now been helped to know his personality better and given realistic tools on how I can help him be more resilient in a loving way, to create a lasting secure bond.

It was good for me to see and know myself better too, the workbooks and cheat-sheets allowed me to look at my past traumas and find healthy ways to move forward to be better for my children.

Danya Denny, UK

Social Worker and Beauty Consultant at Body Desire

Parenting Counselling

As a mother of 6 from newborn to 18 years old, I learnt so much from therapeutic support from Celestina, I was able to adapt strategies to my real life and all my children straight away, I am still using them 4 months later, I keep going back to the workbooks and resources given, to raise my children to be their genius individual confident self. Every parent needs this.

Niina Kabesa, Congo

Author and Founder of Mother Of Nations

We Are Here To Help You And Your Family

Is The Alternative Worth The Consequences?

Present Your Juicy Offer Stack With Catchy Headline...

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