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Art Set Of Creativity

Elizabeth Owode is a mother of two and knows the power of creativity in children in their development, she has partnered with Floating Counselling to support children's development and creativity for them to reach their potential.

If you would like to buy an art set for your child, yourself, and loved ones, Elizabeth is doing a special offer in the month of August

Art Supply
Art Supply


My name is Elizabeth Owode and the mission of my company is to support a healthy body and mind, this artistic art set will help with that.


Children at the Croydon Summer Holiday School have been creating amazing images and coloring in with this, Floating Counselling has been able to use it in art therapy and coaching sessions with children to create bonding and trauma healing. 

I have 3 different colours for you to pick from:




Click To Buy your own and support a company that has been supporting us to support your child/ren 

Art Class
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