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Impact Parenting, Ecotherapy, CBT, Conscious Parenting
Ecotherapy Art school, for young people in Croydon, London

Hold up!

Did you register your child for our Croydon holiday school, but for some reason, you have not booked for our ongoing Visual Art Saturday School?

Great place for kids. If you ever want your children to learn and improve, this is where to send them. My daughter loved being there every day. The staff were lovely, caring and supportive, they went far and beyond to cater, care and love my child and all the other children. When I couldn't, they even picked up my child a few times so she could still attend; they went far and beyond.


Thank you so much, Floating Counselling Team

What Your Child Will Learn:

I want your child to have the exact steps to be confident, excel in life and be happy

Without Confidence, your child may get bullied or bully others


Without healthy mental wellbeing, your child may suffer from low self-esteem and depression


Without emotional intelligence, your child may get into negative relationships, friendships and may even cause them to dabble into criminal life and worse



Without resilience, your child may not be able to adapt and flourish even during adversity

I Want To Team Up With You For Your Child's Greatness.
I Want Your Child To Excel And I Know You Do Too
We Believe Every Child Matters
We Support All Children From Mainstream To Mild Special Needs
Young People With More Intense Need Will Need Their Carer At The Class To Support Them
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My mom and I would like to say thank you for lots of kindness, care and love as well as all the super games and activities we did. I learnt loads and had so much fun indoors and outdoors with my new friends. Thank you, you are all wonderful and so generous.

Shawn & Reuata (Child at our school))

Term 1 June 11th - July 16th (6 weeks)
Using Visual Art therapy to teach Art Techniques to communicate Emotions, and Self Regulate Emotions

Different formal visual art elements:

To Create lines and shapes

To create colour and forms

To Create texture, tone and pattern

Using Visual Art & Art Therapy to teach African Culture and African Language:

Twi - Ghanian Language, culture and drum dancing

Yoruba - Nigerian Language, culture and oriki dancing

Introduction To Our Team
Up Art School

Logo in black

I am the lead Psychotherapist, I have been using arts and music for almost 15 years in my therapy room to help young people, especially young people with Special needs in schools and colleges.

If you have bought my book (Art Of Disciplining With Love) you would know I had a lot of help to excel, I would be dead if I did not learn what I will be equipping your child with, using Art

Not only was I paralysed, but these strategies also help strengthen me to overcome multiple complications that have resulted in my death, and here I AM, full of Confidence, Self-Love, Grit, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

We will be incorporating outdoor activities - EcoTherapy in Art school

Celestina Oniye-Thomas - Head of Psychotherapy

Celestina Oniye-Thomas

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Elizabeth Balogun

As an Art graduate, raised and schooled in Croydon, I found ART to be a way out of emotionally hard situations, I have always loved ART. As a Supply teacher in and around Croydon, mainstream and special needs schools, for the last 5 years, I have seen how much children value and need this and I am pleased to be part of the team heading UP ART school.

"ART has been my therapy, not only my skill. I think it has helped me to navigate through certain life challenges."

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Art School Therapy Teacher

Linda Yeboah

As an early years practitioner, I know how powerful visual Art is to young people, and part of that is being confident enough to stand out in your uniqueness and speak a different language Artistically and Emotionally. Some African parents have stopped teaching their language and culture to their children, for various reasons.


2020 reminds us as brown African, that there is power in knowing your roots and I am excited to help young people with this confidence in this, to also help them build resilience and nourish their brains using ARTS and language.

My language Twi (Ghanian) has always given me unique confidence with my identify growing up in England as a Londoner

mayor of croydon at Floating Counselling

Celestina and her team at Floating Counselling have done an amazing job creating something magical here at Floating Counselling Community, a place children are built up, happy and loved and a place parents clearly feel safe and secure to send their children again and again. I know parents want this to carry on.

Councillor Sherwan Chowdhury
Mayor of Croydon 2021-2022,

Art is a tool we will be using to enhance your child's brain, which is powerful to help your child engage and create positive patterns and release the happy hormones in the body like serotonin without antidepressants ever being needed, this can also deter them from negative friendships and relationships as they grow up. Art is a great tool for young people with Special needs can use to communicate and express themselves.

Many of the 5000+ females and parents that have either purchased my (Celestina) book or attended my projects with their child, like the summer holiday school, have already joined this Saturday school

Teaming Up With Us For Your Child Is Only a Click Away...

Term Payment

Early Bird Price

Bonus Year Payment

Please Contact Us If  You Are Having Financial Issues But Would Love Your Child To Join

Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure.

Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure.

Pay Just £72

Rrp £827.99

  • 6 weeks of tutoring (Value £280)

  • Weekly Principles (value £329.99)

  • Holiday school entry (Value £218)

  • Impact Parenting Tribe (Priceless)

Pay Just £450

Rrp £7,725

  • 42 weeks of tutoring (Value £1,680)

  • 52 Weeks weekly Principles (value £329.99)

  • Brand new Tablet (Value £65.00)

  • Parenting Pillar training  (value £4,500)

  • Art set and equipment (Value £59.99)

  • All year holiday school Entry (Value £1,090)

  • Impact Parenting Tribe (Priceless)

Thank you so much for having our children, they enjoyed their time with you and come home every day smiling. Your support with collecting and dropping off our children was richly appreciated. 

We are thankful for your compassion and supporting family values, which we parents strive to instil. We as a family are forever grateful 

Grandma Diane

Early Bird Bonuses


Bonus 1 -

FREE brand new Samsung tablet for your child

Counselling / Psychotherapy in Croydon
Tablet for Art School


Bonus 2 - 

FREE full Art Set for
your child

Art school Croydon Youth
Art school Croydon
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Feedback for youth support and Counselling

Thank you so much for your school. Celestina, my grandchild, attended, and I saw her grow in confidence. I was so nervous at first dropping her, but each day I picked her up, she did not want to go home. She loved it, and she made so many positive friends. I can not thank you enough.


Thank you to the whole Floating Counselling Community School staff.

Grandma Jessie


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