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Start And Grow Your Charitable Business To Make Impact And Money

OH WOW I am so happy to see you are on the path of having me support you for the next 3 months with your charitable business 


What is it?

  • *Monthly access to Celestina's calendar, you will get access to each section of the modules step by step to help your business start and grow, starting you on the foundation on your business (RRP £700)

  • This course is  months long, but you can get through it as quickly or as slowly as you like

  • *You'll have the benefit of working alongside Celestina, and other professionals on this membership (Accountant if you do not have one already etc) (RRP £5000)

  • *You'll get support every month on a 45-minute group calling where your directors and trustees are welcome to attend, which will be recorded if you like via zoom, so you can re-watch as many times as you want (RRP £600)

  • *You'll have access to your recording on the course 24 hours a day (Priceless)

  • Access to Celestina via WhatsApp and email. You will get a reply to your concern and questions within 48 hours so you do not have to wait till the monthly group call (RRP  £550)


This Is For You If:

  • You have had enough of watching others making money and be a success

  • You have ideas to help the community, but do not know how to move forward

  • You do not know where to get funding and generate money into your charitable business​

  • You are ready to scale up and start making comfortable money ​in your business to help others in the community

  • You are tired of being on benefit and want to make more than what government gives​, so you can live a satisfactory life

  • You feel guilty for ignoring Your gift and calling to help others

This is not just for mental health practitioners but everyone that wants to start a charitable business or grow it and legalise it

This is for you if you want Celestina to walk you through with step by step guidelines on how to do this, from registering your business legally (if it is not done already) and correctly to filing your taxes (if you do not have an accountant) and getting paying clients, funders, or sponsors regardless of what type of clients they are, they are out there waiting for you.

MODULE 1 (RRP £900)

  • In this module, we will identify the different business structures available to you, such as, whether to set yourself up as a sole trader vs a limited company or community business.

  • You will get to mindmap some ideas for a business name until you come up with the name you love.

  • Then you will be shown and supported by how to go about registering your company (if you have not done so already before our work together)

  • Lastly, our Chartered accountant will go through how to tackle the dreaded taxes and the best time to file to ensure you are not fined by the Government, as well as how to get a reminder so you can schedule it into your business (if you do not have an accountant already)

MODULE 2 (RRP £900)

We will take a look at the legal requirements of your specific business

  • This will be one to one area ie: Counsellor - covering topics such as accreditation, insurance, and membership and how to go about registering with these regulatory bodies. You will be given some insight into the various associations such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) (if you are not registered already, not every Psychotherapy course automatically registers you).

  • For food projects, training, memberships and insurance needed will be looked at, and Celestina will support you to know which one is right for you and help you apply.

  • We will also cover the importance of protecting yourself by obtaining insurance (best offers will be given in all you want to cover, ie food project, workshop, selling online, or just one-to-one counselling). 

  • Lastly, we will also cover in this module the options you have for where you can safely and effectively conduct your business and the various costs involved (this is a massive one that will save you money once Celestina shows you how).


MODULE 3 (RRP £950)

  • We will focus on identifying your niche market. You will be taught the importance of understanding who your target audience is.

  • We will identify what your unique selling point is

  • We will assist and help you to create a mission statement that addresses the aims and values of your business

  • We will help you outline how to  build the culture of your business that represents you, your potential clients, your community, and future staff and or colleagues 

  • By the end of this module you should have started your business and be trading/supporting your community already


MODULE 4 (RRP £900)

  • It's important to understand exactly what you want out of your career; pricing yourself is all part of your positioning.

  • You must consider several factors to determine how much you will charge / how much funding you need.

  • We will cover these factors within this module so you can earn a satisfactory income from your efforts and support your community effectively


MODULE 5 (RRP £950)

  • Now that you know who your target market is, you now need to let them know all about what and who you are and what pain points you will be solving for them.

  • Therefore, we will cover how to market yourself on social media

  • How to get started with creating a website (we will give you and support you with 1-page website) and the type of content that you may wish to include in it

  • We will address the question of 'do we really need business cards?' We will also explore the benefits of networking a in your niche as well as give you contact details to help you on your way to GET THE CLIENTS.

If you are a Counsellor or mental health practitioner JOIN the Mental health / Counsellor's Facebook group

If you are a parent JOIN the parental support Facebook page

Original  price of £2500 per month for business mentorship course



Contract commitment Membership for ONLY £3500 3 months till Dec 31st 2022 (this includes teaching you how to apply and helping you secure up to £10k funding)

(WOW! £9,240 savings)

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Full payment is frozen at £5,000 

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