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How To Be Happy In The Face Of Hurt

We have all been hurt in one way or the other by the person or persons we trusted and cared for. The hard part is how do we forgive and move on? How do we learn not to judge everyone we meet by the pain we felt in our past? How do we let go of the anger that we feel for allowing the person to get close enough to hurt us? How do we love someone else again? How do we trust someone else again? How do we grow from the pain?

Easier said than done, but you will be doing yourself a favour if you forgive and let go because holding on is only hurting you more. It is giving more power to the person that hurt you, you deserve to be happy and being angry, does not create happiness within.

It is time to own your own happiness

Say it in your head as well as verbally saying "I forgive you", "I love you", "my happiness is in my hands" say the person's name too (trust me, it will help). At first, you might not mean it, you might think of awful things you wish to happen to them. Likelihood is, you will cry the first few times, depending on how badly you feel hurt. Just remember you forgiving them is not for them, it is for your own happiness. Holding on to the pain and hurt is like drinking poison and wishing someone else will die, the only person dying is the person that drank poison, life goes on for the person that hurt you. Are they worth you being in pain?

Floating Counselling is here to help you acknolege the hurt you feel, teach you how to love yourself and others again, learn to as well as learn the discernment to surround yourself with better people in the future.

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